5 myths about cleaners that just aren’t true

Its old news that alot of moscovites and expatriates in Moscow aren’t big fans of cleaning up after themselves. While we enjoy a reputation of being clean and green, it is no surprise that we have earned this reputation thanks to an army of hundreds domestic workers.

According to the survey results from Euromonitor international, there are more than 850`000 Moscow households that spend more than $1,000 per year on domestic helpers. Results have further concluded that the number of households seeking cleaning services would increase, as long as they are reliable and affordable. This is why it is time to bust some of the biggest myths about cleaners!

Finding a cleaner is expensive and time consuming

The search for a suitable cleaner can be burdensome, time consuming and complicated. However, the rise of online household services has decreased the time associated with the endless search on the yellow pages, advertisements or friend’s recommendation for the right cleaner. Households can now find and book a cleaner within a few clicks – no matter where and when they are needed. This makes the market much more transparent and convenient.

Cleaning has a dirty image

The cleaning industry was listed in many studies as one of the least sought after professions. However, instead of a status quo where cleaners are low-wage workers, freelance cleaners can make around 500 rubles an hour, almost double the wages of service jobs at food and beverage outlets. Taking Shiny as an example, a full-timer makes up to 75`000 rubles a month, twice the average pay of a resident cleaner in Moscow.

From being less of a menial job to a job that is well paid and flexible, the perception of a cleaning job in Moscow is indeed revolving.

Cleaners are dishonest!

Stories about cleaners stealing money and personal belongings is a common discussion topic among friends. It the main reason why people are uncomfortable letting a stranger into their houses.

This happens mainly when one hires a cleaner via the black market, which may result to a loss of personal items. Homeowners nowadays are moving towards hiring a cleaner via online cleaning platforms for security purposes and to reduce the hassle of spending more time to search for a more “reliable” cleaner. At Shiny, all of are cleaners are vetted interviewed and trained. We review them regularly and continuously gather feedback in order to improve our service.

Only women can clean!

Cleaning used to be a woman’s job, especially back in the days when women didn’t have much rights. With the society evolving, both men and women are given equal rights and equal opportunities for a job. However, it is still a misconception that only women are qualified to be cleaners! Nevertheless, only a very few cleaners at Shiny these days are male, but with an upward trend!

Cleaners are ONLY for people who are lazy.

A  survey done by non-profit organisation Families for Life, has shown that the quality time spent with loved ones has been stolen by long work hours, household chores. Also, Moscow, being ranked as one of the Cities with the most actual hours being worked per worker in the world, this means that people these days barely have enough time for themselves and their loved ones. Rather than spending the remaining time on cleaning, more people are turning to part-time cleaners to increase the time spent doing what really matters the most.

Book a professional and reliable home cleaner in Moscow within a few clicks!

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